So Much Spam

I decided to delete the option for comments since 99% of the use was for spam. That said, Obviously I haven’t been spending enough time maintaining this site.

Shooting Videos

A smokin hole in the ground….sounds fun

I took a couple of new shooters out for some fun with binary explosives.

Adding a little bag of carpenters chalk to the top, makes for a really nice plume of dust.

Cycling Fitness Other Videos

Downhill riding is super fun, and packed with pain

Brother Cam decided to show me what Mountain trail riding is like, and I find some fail and pain on the way down.

Fails happen @ 2:40 / 3:45 / 5:00 / 14:00


Vedder Mountain near Chilliwack B.C. Trail list:
2 Cents @ 0:40
Skidder @ 3:40
Terdferg @ 5:50
Ditch Chicken @ 7:45
Electric Lettuce @ 13:00
Femur @ 16:20

Big Thanks to Cam for showing me the Adrenaline side of downhill.
Big Thanks to Caleb for lending me his sweet Norco bike
Big Thanks to for the background tunes