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New Heat Sink

I decided it was time to upgrade my gaming computers heat sink in preparation for overclocking the CPU. I decided to go with the Scythe Ninja 3. This thing is massive and is rated to be used WITHOUT a fan on stock / non-overclocked CPU. Compared to the AMD supplied heat sink, I can see why :

My computer case comes with a back wall cut-out to aid in the installation of such beasts. Unfortunately, the cutout does not line up and I had to dismount the motherboard anyways to get at the top two screws.

Install is pretty easy. First you need to clean off the old thermal compound and squeeze on the new.

Make sure that you get enough on so that it squeezes out the sides a bit.

Careful with the torque, it doesn’t take much to hold that thing in place and we don’t want to crack the PCB material of the motherboard. Here’s what it looks like mounted up.

The new heat sink eats up a ton of space, which makes it difficult to reinstall the motherboard. As you can see here, I now had minimal clearance for screw driver access to the mount.

With the heat sink installed, it was time for a test run. This is the inside after everything was up and running.

I have no idea what kind of cooling performance upgrade I have achieved. I did not record the temperatures before and after. However, the computer is much quieter now. I can once again hear the hard drives ticking over the hum of the fans.

NOTE : Before you buy something like this, check the dimensions. This heat sink will NOT fit into all cases. You will need an Enthusiasts case. Other wise you may not have enough clearance between the heat sink and the side wall. My case only leaves about a half inch of breathing room.

Cycling Fitness Training

Vacation is over

First ride back to work after some R&R. 38 minutes, not bad considering I had a 15 knot headwind to fight with.