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BF3 update

well the first update was released and it would seem that the stability has been improved, but its still not quite there. I don’t think my computer crashed at all last night, but there were still a couple server side crashes that halted game play for a bit.

I’m a little frustrated with the ping reporting, its difficult to impossible to find out what servers have a good ping for you. some times it just won’t report. so you join a server only to find out you will be moon-walking and teleporting half the time.

I think I have managed to play all the maps now. there are 2-3 that are specifically designed for CQC loving COD players. I don’t like them because they are so bottle-necked, chances of advance are almost impossible. Siene crossing and Operation Metro are 2 maps that need better balance for conquest play. There are no openings to flank and you are forced to use 3 tiny openings to advance. Just setup the chuck-wagons in a nice circle around the opening s and nothing can get through. Its really a one sided match on Metro, and the Russians always win.

The larger maps are good for sniping. So far my longest head shot is about 650 meters. Plenty of room to reach out further than that, although I think they have capped the distance that your bullets will fly. Again I was having difficulty hitting targets until I moved in. That’s when I started connecting shots at 500+ meters. I am also having trouble with mouse sensitivity, the crosshairs seem to move 2-3 pixels at a time instead of just 1. This makese it very difficult to line up the long shots. I guess I need to do a little mouse investigation to find out if its my computer or the game that’s at fault.