BF3 Games Stats

A Good Kill Streak

One of my best runs so far, 12 and 0 until I was found by this guy…

BF3 Games Hackers

Flippin Hackers

Its amazing how soon I started to run into these JERKS. I hope DICE is watching the leader-boards and banning accounts. This is what makes gaming so frustrating sometimes:

Real Life

Roofing fatigue

I spent around 22 hours up on my brother roof this weekend, helping to re-shingle it. I had forgotten how taxing manual labour can be on your body. My feet and hands are pretty sore today. My finger tips feel really smooth and sensitive, Its like I have lost about 3 layers of skin to the sand paper texture of the shingles. Also, my right hip joint feels a little sore.

All that summer training must  have helped because muscle wise, I am not very sore at all. My feet mostly hurt from standing on an angle all day long.

Brings back some memories of the years I spent framing houses. I DON’T MISS IT AT ALL!