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Super Training Pains.

I am still sore from one of the longest work out sessions yet. On Saturday afternoon, I pushed my way through a virtual Duathalon to see how I would react.

Started with a 10km run which went well, found the grove and stuck to it. Then I jumped on the bike/trainer and put on 40km.

It was about the 30km point when I really started to feel it. My body was not happy that I was still going. I really had to dig to keep going and keep the pace up. But that’s the whole point, to increase my endurance level.

Now several days later I am still feeling the effects of the stress. I tried to go out last night for a run, but my legs were still a pair of hurtin units. So I had to double back quick and end early. I can’t wait to try again.

Real Life

Thiefs…make me laugh.

Not sure if the lock was picked or I just forgot to lock it, but my car was ransacked last night. Opened the door this morning to find my glove box contents all over the place. This is the 4th or 5th time my car has been taken advantage of in my lifetime, but this is the best one yet.

Nothing of real value was taken. I lost my toque, mits, and a pocket knife. Thats it.

My Mini-Mag light was still there, all personal data, CD’s, Stereo, sunglasses. Heck they even missed the coin tray. But I assume that is because a Yaris has its coin holder in an uncommon place.

I figure they probably need the clothing more than me, and now I have a reason to buy a nice new set. I would say that this is the nicest thief I have ever had to deal with…or the dumbest.

Cycling Fitness Running Training

First Block training day

I decided to try a mini duathalon today to see how it feels to transition rapidly between events. I started with a 4.1km run (oh yeah, its -18C with a wind chill of -28C) which went not bad considering the path was packed with snow and drifts. I had just about the perfect amount of clothing on to push against the cold, not sweat, and feel slightly warm.

Once back, I jump on the bike trainer as fast as possible and pounded off 20km. Now that I was really sweaty, I decided to cut the final run short for fear of death. So I just ran a quick 0.8km around the block.

I didn’t time any of this because I just wanted to experience the feeling of rapid transition and running in the cold. It was not nearly as bad as I anticipated, so I look forward to doing this again.