Fire Arms

Load Developement begins

This is the first good looking group out of my new Krieger barrel. I started with my varmint bullets because I am still waiting on my bulk gunpowder order. Pretty happy with the results thus far. Less than 50 bullets down the tube and I produced this 0.4″ group at 100 meters :

.308 Berger 110 Gr. Flat base over 47.1 Gr. of Varget for about 3150 FPS.

I plan to shoot 15 more rounds to confirm this is the load to keep.

Fitness Running Training

Half Marathon…complete

Ran my first half today. 21.90 km is the google earth distance. Below is the profile:

The one pathway was closed so I had to huff it up a hill to connect with the other path. Google states a 21% grade and I believe it. That hill nearly killed me. I had to stop and and catch my breathe at the top. There were several other big hills on this run that I also slowed to a walking pace at the top. I think there was a total of 5 times that I slowed right down.

Final time was 128 minutes over the 21.9k course for a 5:50 pace. I’m pretty happy with that considering all the walking I did.

Cycling Fitness Training

First Ride to work of 2012

The temperature stayed above freezing overnight for the first time of the year. With enough daylight in the early morning it was time to make the official first ride into work.

Time of 39:11 for 17.2km = 25.9kph

This is pretty terrible considering the 1200 plus km’s I put on over the winter. But there is a reason…I had a chain de-rail while shifting up on the front. That cost me a good 3 minutes to slow down, stop, reinstall, and start going again.

So I will basically ignore this first time. My fingers and toes were quick numb by the time I finished.