Cycling Fitness

Holiday ride to the US border

I went for a glorious ride with my brother during holidays to visit the Canada-US border. The road runs on the edge of border and has the totem markers in the ditch. You can also see the border cut line running up the mountains in the distance:

The USA is about 3 yards to the right of the road, thus I imagine this location is used by smugglers moving Marry Jane to the other side. There are no guard stations or border crossing huts here, just pathways that lead into the bush every 100 yards or so. This is mostly farm land and civilization is a good 20km up the road and to the left.

Cycling Fitness

Garbage on the road

I had a frustrating ride to work this morning. I ran over a piece of wire, can’t remember if I saw it in time to avoid, and it ended up getting tangled up on my rear axle. That added about 5 minutes of frustrating time while I tried to get it untangled and out of the spokes.

Lesson learned : avoid all garbage on the road with a much larger margin. I’m not even sure how it managed to get snagged, but it was NOT a good start to my day.

Fire Arms Reloading

Another great day of load testing

I went to the range early this morning to take advantage of some great weather. There was virtually no wind when I started and it picked up to a slight breeze of maybe 1-2mph by the end of the shoot.

This time I was shooting 155 Lapua Scenar’s to see how seating depth would affect them, I am loving the result. The barrel twist and reamer were chosen for this round and now I can see the great results of those choices…amazing groups. I was following the same setup as I did with the 175smk just a few days ago:

  1. 2.055″ = 15 thou jump
  2. 2.060″ = 10 thou jump
  3. 2.065″ = 5 thou jump
  4. 2.070″ = touching the lands
  5. 2.075″ = 5 thou jam
  6. 2.055″ = 15 thou jump

I was shooting 5 shot groups at 100 meters this time and the groups were quite good except for number three. I pulled that one out of the group so it should have been better.

  1. 0.716″ = 0.622MOA
  2. 0.662″ = 0.574MOA
  3. 0.523″= 0.454MOA  (4 shots into 0.199″ = 0.173MOA)
  4. 0.822″ = 0.714MOA (I don’t know what happened here)
  5. 0.407″ = 0.353MOA
  6. 0.664″ = 0.576MOA