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Swimming achievement

I made a new distance record this morning at the pool; 1000 meters total. There was still a ton of stopping during that distance, but the key factor is that I am improving. Better technique means faster lap times, faster lap times means more laps are possible in the set amount of time I have. Thus, the further I can go the better I am doing.

However, I am really looking at improving my non-stop distance. So far 100 meters is about the most I can do before my technique falls apart and I am left gasping for air. But 100 meters is more than I was capable of 2 weeks ago, so I am not complaining in the least.

The other milestone of today was the lack of backstroke. I try my best to never touch the bottom of the pool for any reason except at the end of a set. This is my way of simulating open water with no bottom. Thus when I loose focus and my stroke falls apart, I flip onto my back and do some backstroke for a while until I collect my focus and some air. Once I have it together I flip back over and continue.

Today I only flipped over twice in the entire 1000 meters. A huge improvement from Monday when I was on my back every 35 meters or so.

Projects Real Life

Blade 2012

After way too much time spent on the sewing machine this week, my costume is ready for the vampire invasion this Halloween:

I’m pretty happy with the look. Material cost for the tactical vest was less than $50, and I scavenged for many of the accessories.

Aviation Flying Maintenance

Highlight of the day

Well this sums up my day…

Someone landed in a field, looks like tomorrow will be a long day of digging the airplane out and getting it back to the airpport for an inspection.