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Proof in numbers

stroke pace


After reviewing my times, it would appear that yes I did increase my pace when my stroke improved. You can see that my best pace was actually made near the end of my workout when I was lower on energy. I’m pretty happy to see these results.

Fitness Results Swimming Training

Swim Drills pay off

I had a great swim this morning. After doing more drills for about 1200 meters, I could feel the results starting to gel.

During the last 300 meters or so of my workout it all suddenly fell into place. I could really feel the extra pull being generated by correct arm movements through the water. It was really a eureka kind of moment. I immediately felt faster, but I will have to wait till I get  home to see what my Garmin has to say about the speed.

The real trick now will be to duplicate this movement in the pool from now on.

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Swim Drills

After a long conversation with my brother during our regular Monday night cycle training session, I decided it was time to get back to the basics in the pool. Today’s swim was not about speed or distance, instead I focused back on the fundamentals of a good, efficient stroke.

And boy was I off. I could tell right away that I had become sloppy. By running through a series of drills that focus your attention to one area of your body at a time, I could feel how much my form was suffering.

Once again this solidifies in my head the idea of good form first, speed and endurance will come later if proper form is maintained.