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Mile Stone…in the water

literally. I swam over a mile non-stop this morning. I needed the confidence boost. The pool was almost empty so I thought it would be a good day to test my total endurance. 2000 meters in 40:07 = 2:00/100 meter pace. I am really happy with my performance. I definitely felt sluggish during the second kilometer, but that’s another giant leap towards my end goal of a Half Ironman this summer.

Real Life

Space kids

My daughter came home today and was talking about the cool guy who is sleeping in space:


After a long discussion on what was happening on the ISS, she said : “I want to sleep in space, that would be fun.”

I am so proud that both of my kids are taking a big interest in space, the planets, and the stars. My son is obsessed with Saturn. Who knows, perhaps my childhood dream of becoming an space shuttle pilot will be realized through my kids going into space exploration. The future of space travel is starting to look really good in my life time, here’s hoping.

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Race Support

I went to cheer on my older brother and help by volunteering on race day today. Once again the weather was less than ideal but it was still a good day none the less. I lent him my Garmin 910XT so that he could track all the great stats of his run and compare it to his IPhone for accuracy, but I didn’t give him good enough instructions on how to work it. So when he turned it on indoors, there was no satellite reception and he did not get proper GPS coverage during the race because it assumed he was using it indoors? Oh well. It was a fun day in the cold and snow none the less. The race season is getting off on a very cold foot, but I know summer is just around the corner.