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Nothing left to do but race

Ironman 70.3 is only a few days away and there is no more training left to do. My body can’t possibly get any more prepared for this years “A” race than it is right now. All I have left to do is figure out the logistics of race day, mentally prep, and get lots of rest. That last one will be tough with the way work has been lately.

I am a little disappointed in my training stats, but that is mostly due to the lack of focus over the past few months with my new work routine and less available training time. Here’s what my training over the last 9 months looks like.

  • 79 Swim sessions totaling 47.5 hours of free-styling for 103 kilometers = 2:46/100m average.
  • 44 Bike sessions totaling 61 hours and traveling 1644 kilometers = 26.95kph average.
  • 56 Run sessions totaling 45 hours and covering 508 kilometers = 11.28kph  or 5:19/km average.

My current times are much better, as the above averages are based on the entire 9 months of training. My most recent training session had times that look more like this:

  • Swim at 1:53/100m
  • Bike at 32 KPH
  • Run at 4:33/km

My optimal scenario would be a finish the Ironman 70.3 in less than 5 hours, which the above averages suggest I am capable of. However; I am more realistic than that. I know that I will not be running at a 4:33 pace after all that swimming and biking. Therefore, my target time is to best 5:30…..and to finish just under 6 hours would be even more realistic. This is my first big race of this style and distance, so I have no idea what kind of metal torture awaits me. This will be like running two Duathlons back to back. This is a race that I have tried my best to prepare for, and I am a little scared that I have not trained nearly hard or long enough. The butterflies are already in my stomach.

Aviation Maintenance Real Life

Official Title

Well I think its time to commemorate a monumental day in my career. I have been holding this position for several weeks now, but I finally feel confident in announcing my new position.

I felt an official photo was in order for my new job title.

Work has been quite stressful over the last few months as there have been some major changes to how things operate. I was the guy left holding the proverbial stick, thus I have been promoted to official scape goat for the maintenance department. My new title is “Director of Maintenance” and this job comes with some heavy responsibility. I have been working really long hours lately to try and get a handle on the situation. This has really taken a toll on my hobbies. Video editing and shooting have completely stopped, even Email and video commenting has taken a steep nose dive. I am trying my best to keep a decent training routine because I have $250 non-refundable entry into an Ironman 70.3 race at the end of the month. Family time is still a priority, thus fun factor has to be cut off. There’s just never enough time.

I still have a ton of work ahead of me and no sign of this storm giving up, but I will charge ahead in the direction life takes me and try to master this new position. The team is starting to gel and the order is full steam ahead. We may not be out of this storm yet, but we are chugging away in a direction that shows promise of good things to come. Only time will tell…

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Bridge too far

I went out for an early morning run in the fog the other day. Here’s a fun little video I made because i know my brother loves bridges.