Aiming for Accuracy part 4

More talk about trigger control…are you serious? YES! because so many comments still call me out for poor trigger control, I decided to create another video explaining why trigger control from a cameras perspective…doesn’t matter at all.



Links to other slow motion videos, pay close attention to the amount of recoil movement before and after the bullet exits the muzzle:

Barret and other rifles

Slow motion AK under water

AK underwater part 2

Slow motion .50 cal

Various rifles in slow mo

Bullet leaves the barrel

Barret .50 BMG, 6 shots in 1 second!

Several pistols

Bullets hitting walls at 1 million fps


BF4 Games Tips and Tricks Videos

BF4 Sniper Control

BF4 is plagued with too many snipers, I’m sure everyone will agree. In this video I attempt to show that one well placed sniper can control the opposing teams sniper forces, and hopefully keep the game a little more enjoyable for your team. You should always try to play the objectives…camping does not usually help your team, and this is a team game. Played right, the Recon class can be very effective at attacking the objectives, and that is how I like to play most of the time. This video is NOT how I normally play the game.

This is test footage utilizing my new Asus GTX 770 and the shadowplay video capture that is included with this card. So far I am really liking how it works and the video it returns is high quality. I have had some issues however, rendering and editing the files. Going to take a bit to figure out the best setting to make video editing in the future easier.