Aviation Flying Maintenance

Do you see what I see?

Some times I really hate how good I am at my job. I have this knack for finding things that are wrong, and will cost some down time and money to fix. Its like the problem is drawing me closer through a magnetic field or some force of attraction. Like always, this just means more work for me to do…ugh. Why can’t it be simple anymore…

Today’s problem arises on a newer aircraft which has about 200 hours on it. I hope the customer has a good warranty because they are going to need it.

Sorry about the pic, its a pretty tough angle to see and get light onto the subject matter. A cable has been pulled too tight around a corner, where it goes through the main wing spar. Vibration caused the cable to act like a saw and it has started to cut through the most important piece of the aircraft’s structure. The fix will probably require an engineering drawing from the manufacturer to be sure the structural integrity of the spar has not been compromised.

Its quite possible that the fix will simply be to dress out the damage and zinc-chromate prime the area, but that’s not for me to decide.