Aviation Maintenance

Working hard…or hardly working?

I have been putting in some really long hours this year. 2014 has pushed my work schedule to the limit and I seem to have very little spare time to upload things to the internet. I have recently started limiting my work hours in an attempt to gain back my life. This post is a stab at that, yet my first post in months is work related.

We have been seeing some new aircraft in the hanger over the last few months, and new aircraft always bring new problems. Lets restate that, these aircraft are quite old and in need of some TLC, and that’s what we are now trying to do. The following are some pictures of the distress we have found. Most of this is completely unacceptable, and the previous AME that signed for the annual inspection should be ashamed of this work. That said, we are all human and prone to errors. However, some of these finds are just to obvious to excuse.

Cable Tie
What’s wrong in this picture?
Short Circuit
You say the lights don’t work….
Exhaust bulge
Crack and a bulge…not X rated.
Spark gap
No spark, I wonder why?
  1. First up is a zip tie that is wrapped around electrical wires and a control cable. Only a matter of time before one of these chaffs its way through the other and causes a big problem.
  2. Next is a bunch of un-insulated wires all bunched together and secured with a single zip tie. Shorting out the landing lights with a big potential for fire if the circuit breakers are faulty.
  3. Third is an exhaust pipe that is ready to let go and spew gases all over the place. One from the thinned metal creating the bulge, second from the crack right above that along the weld.
  4. Last is a spark plug that probably hasn’t been cleaned ever. Its amazing the engine could run at with plugs this fouled.