BF3 Computer Games over clocking Preperation upgrades

GPU overclocking

Messing with my GPU settings in the new AMD Vision Engine Control Center. Bumped the clock up to 920 on the GPU and 1380 for memory. Seems to be stable after two nights of Testing on BFBC2.

Factory setting gave me a frame rate of about 55, now I am seeing a steady 60 FPS. Fraps does not seem to ever show more than 60, I imagine this is becuase its reporting the monitor sync rate.

BF3 Computer Games over clocking Preperation Tips and Tricks upgrades

Stress testing Day #1

Over clocking is actually much easier than I first thought. Its just time consuming. Change a number and stress test, change a number and stress test, repeat, repeat, repeat. I am stable at 3.63Ghz right now but the temperatures are rising quickly. With a max temp of 62C, I think I want to keep a 10% margin as my absolute max = 56C will be my target max temp during a long term stress test of 12-24 hours. Here are the following settings I have been using:

Factory settings @ 3.3Ghz

FSB = 200
X 16.5
Vcore = 1.3000v
idle = 22c
average (fan lo) = 41c
average (fan hi) = 37c
max (fan low) = 43C

Test 1 @ 3.39Ghz Stable 1 hour

FSB = 205
X 16.5
Vcore = 1.3000v
idle = 21c
max (fan hi)= 38
Test 2 @ 3.48Ghz Stable 1 hour

FSB = 210
X 16.5
Vcore = 1.3000v
idle = 23c
average (fan lo) = 43c
max = 45c

Test 3 @ 3.56Ghz Stable 52 minutes

FSB = 215
X 16.5
VID = 1.3000v
idle = 22c
average (fan lo) = 42c
max = 47c

Core 5 error = tweaked Vcore up 0.00625v in the BIOS

Test 4 @ 3.56Ghz

FSB = 215
X 16.5
Vcore = 1.300v
idle =
average (fan lo) = 45c
max = 47c

BFBC@ test run 1 hour not faults and 60fps

Tweaked the Vcore up to 1.3500v in the BIOS

Test 5 @ 3.63Ghz

FSB = 225
X 16.5
Vcore = 1.312v
idle = 20
average (fan lo) = 45c
max = 47c

BF3 Computer Games over clocking Preperation Tips and Tricks upgrades

Let the over clocking begin…

I have been ramping up to do some overclocking on my CPU. Now that my video projects have been cleared, and BF3 is only a couple days away, its time to look into the finer details of what it takes to run a computer faster than stock settings.

The first thing I needed was a big heat sink. I went with the Scythe Ninja 3 because of its massive surface area. It has been keeping my CPU cool for a couple weeks now. Idle temps are around 18-22C, normal loads bring it up to about 35C. But what I really need to do is find the peak load temperature.

To do this I found the over-clockers secret weapon. Its a little program called prime95 and it is the basis for most testing. The program runs your CPU and RAM at peak levels until it encounters an error. The longer the test can run the better off you are. From what I have read, most people do the stress test for 12 to 24 hours. If you can run 24 hours at 100% with 0 errors, then your settings are considered stable.

This is how the numbers looked after 1 hour of testing. All fans set to minimum flow.


I then decided to see what kind of cooling performance I could get from maximum flow. So I set ALL fans to max speed and let it go for 3 more hours.


 I was surprised that my average temp only dropped by 4 degrees. The computer was making alot of noise from the amount of air it was moving. I don’t think its worth it. I like the quite computer, even if it runs a little hotter.

With the base line set at 41C, I can now look foreward to upping the power to see what kind of stability I can get.

 AM3 AMD Phenom II X6 1100T processor @ 3.3 Ghz, 9.0 MB total cache.

Voltages 1.0-1.475V
Max Temps (C) 62
Wattage 125 W
AMD Virtualization Technology Yes
L1 Cache Size (KB) 128
L1 Cache Count 6
L2 Cache Size (KB) 512
L2 Cache Count 6
L3 Cache Size (KB) 6144
Socket AM3
AMD Business Class No
Black Edition Yes