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Duathlon 2013

Another race is in the bag…and I feel pretty bagged!

I beat my time from last year by 4 minutes with a finish of 2:30:59 based on my Garmin timing. Some how my timing chip was not entered into the system, I mean I didn’t even get a DNF on the online rankings page. I simply do not exist, there is no record of me or my bib number.

Do I really care? No not really. Even though I did better this year, the competition was fierce and I dropped into 21st place overall out of 128 competitors. There were more people in my age group this year, 3 of which made the top 5. So I don’t really feel that bad because I did better.

Fitness Race day Results Running

Great day for a Race

Wow you couldn’t ask for better weather to run a half marathon today. We just finished 3-4 days of steady rain, and the forecast says that it is going to pour rain again for 3-4 days this week. So the race managed to sit right in the middle. I was a little worried at fist about temperatures and how much to wear, the forecast said it was only going to be between 7 and 12 degrees C during the race. I decided to chance it and run cold, so I stripped off my top layer.

The first 3km were pretty cold, but my body soon warmed up and I was good for the rest of the race. I didn’t really break a sweat until about 19 km into the race. I decided this time to really try and hold a steady pace for the whole thing. I felt early on like I was going too slow and wanted to pick up the pace, but I fought the urge and stayed at a nice 4:50ish pace. I knew I wanted to best 1:45:00 this time and that would take some discipline.

The 1:45 pace bunny was in my sights for the first half of the race. During a decent I managed to pass him and stay in front. Once I hit 17km I knew it was really game time. My previous half marathon was good until this point and then I just fell apart. I happy to say that I was able to go non-stop and even increase pace in the last 1.5km. Here’s the timing from the official web-page:

Name PAHL, Ryan
Event Half Marathon
Division M3034
Gun time 01:44:24
Chip time 01:43:26
10KM split00:49:10
Event Placement 370 of 3057
Sex Placement 277 of 1280
Division Placement 51 of 218

I am really happy with my results. My knees are pretty sore as I sit here and type, but otherwise I feel quite amazing right now. It was a good day. A look at my Garmin stats:

21.1 Garmin

Fitness Results Triathlon

First Triathlon…sort of

I raced in my first triathlon today, and it was fun yet disappointing…for several reasons.

Firstly it was NOT a triathlon. Crappy Canadian weather turned it into splash N dash race. Meaning there was no bike portion due to the 30cm of snow that fell overnight. Yuck!

The run was still planned to be out on the pathways, but again, blowing snow in the morning caused the event organizers to cancel the outdoor portion of the race all together. Thus we used an indoor 200m track for the run.

That turned into the next downer. Due to the volume of people in the race, they shortened the run to a mere 2 km or ten laps. This went from being a great event into a simple workout hardly worth sweating over. I anticipated beating 20 minutes at the finish line based on my training times.

The final disappointment was my actual performance. The swim started great, but I was pushing too hard to begin and lost form quickly. By about the 10th lap in the pool I could feel I was slow. I regrouped and really focused on my form, which caused a good increase in speed. You can see this in the graph. By the end of the swim I was right on pace with my pool workouts at 1:55/100m.


Transition time was 1:17. I didn’t bother to dry off, just smacked my shoes and HR monitor on started running. That means I forgot my bib number…whoops, good thing this was a short race that didn’t really matter. Need to remember that key item in longer races when it will mean disqualification.

On to the run, I accelerated quickly and immediately ran into my biggest problem yet. I was cramping up in my right side rib cage area. This was really affecting my breathing. I knew I had to run through the pain because the run is only 10 short laps and there is no time to stop and wait. Even though I was still passing people, I felt really slow. I should have been at a full sprint for most of the distance but I just couldn’t go any faster. I managed to pick up the pace during the last 3 laps but it was no use. I was just too slow. The pain also made me forget the number of laps I was on and there is a good chance that I actually ran 11. But the Garmin was not picking up a signal so now I have no proof of that. Run time was a little over 10 minutes which means I was just slightly faster than my training pace of 5:08/km. Pretty sad considering the extremely short race.


My total time was 21:16 which put me in 20th place overall. The 20 minutes I planned to break would have put me in 8th, so I am not exactly happy with my performance, but considering what happened I can’t really complain all that much. The point of entering this race was to learn, and I learned a few things.