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2 records set in 2 days

What a great start to the week. Yesterday I set a new personal best for a 5 km run, and today I created a new best time on my ride in to work.

Granted, I did have a slight tail wind, but I was pushing even harder because of it. I knew I could set a better time and I did. 33 minutes = 31kph average speed.

It was actually looking like I could claim a 32 minute time as I rounded the last corner, but alas my clock ticked over the extra minute just as I slowed and stopped at the front door.

Considering my first ride of the year was about 42 minutes, I have almost shaved 10 minutes off my time.

ODO = 1806.9km

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5 km Race

Went out for a race today. I had two objectives :

  1. Beat my best time
  2. Beat my older brother

Both objectives were accomplished. I was holding a good pace for most of the race, with my brother a few steps behind. Somewhere near the 4km mark he fell behind and I also picked up the pace a bit. As the finish line came into view, I was trying to decide when to break into a full sprint so that I would just make it. I think I could have started 50 yards earlier, but it didn’t really matter because I smashed my best time by almost 2 minutes.

New time to beat is now 23:39.

This time gave me a 10th overall finish and 2nd in my age group. Not too shabby.