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Garmin Frustrations

I haven’t been able to upload my fitness activities from my Garmin 910XT in several months. My last activity that made it through wasn’t even a proper run, it was my timer event for when my brother was running a half marathon, so that I would be ready and waiting for Photo opportunities when he approached the finish line. That was back in June 2015.

After uploading that file I did a firmware update to the 910. Why? I am hoping they will fix the bug that has my barometer all messed up, and I would really like the option to turn off the barometer and work off GPS altitude alone. This has been an issue from about 7 months after purchase. My altitude starts at the correct 4000 feet and then sky rockets to 40,000 feet over the next minute because the barometer takes over. So I have been without elevation data most of the time I have owned it. Not that I really care, but it an option that is nice to see.

Ever since that firmware update, my data uploads will not complete. My computer connects and recognizes the watch, the ANT+ senses its there. It goes through the upload process and the watch finishes its side of the comunication. But the computer side always hangs. And after hours of waiting I usually have to force the program to close, which it then warns that I may loose data. Well the data is already gone because the watch says its done? WTF? nothing shows up on the webpage.

What have I tried?

  • Reinstalling firmware
  • Reinstalling Garmin Express
  • Fooling around with the communicator settings
  • Deleting My 910XT from the account and then re-aquiring it with the software
  • Upload full data set

Not sure what else to try because everything looks like its working, its like the computer is waiting for one more small piece of info from the watch to complete the cycle. A power off type of simple command that never comes.

Ugh, off to contact tech support.


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Ironman 70.3

I have finally finished my mini documentary on my training and entry into an Ironman 70.3 race.

2 years in the making, this is the most time consuming, yet rewarding thing I have probably done in life so far. Training was long, hard, and exhausting… but I am glad to have finished the race and highly recommend it to everyone. You just need to put mind over matter.

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Nothing left to do but race

Ironman 70.3 is only a few days away and there is no more training left to do. My body can’t possibly get any more prepared for this years “A” race than it is right now. All I have left to do is figure out the logistics of race day, mentally prep, and get lots of rest. That last one will be tough with the way work has been lately.

I am a little disappointed in my training stats, but that is mostly due to the lack of focus over the past few months with my new work routine and less available training time. Here’s what my training over the last 9 months looks like.

  • 79 Swim sessions totaling 47.5 hours of free-styling for 103 kilometers = 2:46/100m average.
  • 44 Bike sessions totaling 61 hours and traveling 1644 kilometers = 26.95kph average.
  • 56 Run sessions totaling 45 hours and covering 508 kilometers = 11.28kph  or 5:19/km average.

My current times are much better, as the above averages are based on the entire 9 months of training. My most recent training session had times that look more like this:

  • Swim at 1:53/100m
  • Bike at 32 KPH
  • Run at 4:33/km

My optimal scenario would be a finish the Ironman 70.3 in less than 5 hours, which the above averages suggest I am capable of. However; I am more realistic than that. I know that I will not be running at a 4:33 pace after all that swimming and biking. Therefore, my target time is to best 5:30…..and to finish just under 6 hours would be even more realistic. This is my first big race of this style and distance, so I have no idea what kind of metal torture awaits me. This will be like running two Duathlons back to back. This is a race that I have tried my best to prepare for, and I am a little scared that I have not trained nearly hard or long enough. The butterflies are already in my stomach.