Fitness Running Training

Bridge too far

I went out for an early morning run in the fog the other day. Here’s a fun little video I made because i know my brother loves bridges.

Fitness Swimming Training

Getting back into the groove

Now that summer weather has finally shown up, I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of my training. Changes at work have left me feeling drained and I don’t seem to have the focus I need to stay where I want in terms of training volume. Ironman 70.3 is at the end of the month and I really need to refocus over the next few weeks if I want to survive this massive race.

That said, I had a great swim this morning. I was chugging along on my last set and look down at my garmin to see that I had completed 700 meters when I was only aiming for 500. Always nice to see a little bonus like that.

Cycling Fitness Training

Destroyed my legs

I just got back from my first long bike ride with my brother, and he made me feel like such a noob. My legs are completely depleted now. 42 km in 88 minutes for an average of 28.8 kph is not terrible for a first big ride of the season. The huge hill near the half way point really did me in, plus we were fighting a head wind at that point and I had to shift all the way down to low gear…which is shameful because I hate going that low…I call it the cheater gear. Makes me feel like the 900+ km I put on the trainer over the last 4 months was for nothing.