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Childish server admins

Need to have a little rant session here. I was ban from a one of my favorite servers last night while playing BF3 with some friends. What is going on with all this child like behaviour?

Back in my days of being  a clan member, I was helping admin our servers all the time. There was a simple yet effective protocal for how problem makers are taken care of. First you start with a warning (chat channel or voip if they are on that), and a reminder of what the server rules are. If the problem persists then you kick the culprit from the server. If they load back in and continue to break the rules, then and only then are they ban from the server.

Lately it seems like all server have 10 year old admins who are immature and lack reason. I have probably been ban from more servers than I have been kicked from in the course of BF3 lifespan. For all sort of reasons, some are lame while others are justified. I get frustrated too and don’t always follow the rules. Yet insta ban seems to be the new warning system.

So what happened last night? I was playing an excellent round that was neck and neck. The teams were very evenly matched. It was 8v8 on the CQC map Grand Bazaar. Our squad was the leading force on our team and was really keeping the enemy forces in check. My squad leader up to that point was doing an excellent job of pushing the objectives. Suddenly he/she gets the brilliant idea that a claymore trap in the far corner near the enemy main base is a better idea than working on the objectives. My mobile spawn point (HC server so you can only spawn on the squad leader) had just put himself in a terrible spawn location. Trying to get back into the action was now difficult because we had rapidly lost all the flags on the map. His trap was not going to work because the action was taking place on the opposite side of the map. After two spawns from his crap position I was getting frustrated with his camping behaviour. We had now gone from an even match with even tickets, to being  50 points behind with only 100 tickets left. We were going to loose the match.

So I decided to intentionally TK him to get him to re-engage in the game. Of course he complained and asked why the TK? So I let him know that I wanted my squad leader to get back in the game and stop camping with trip mines.

Well he didn’t like that reason and complained to the server admins. And I was quickly banned for intentional TK.

This brings me back to the begining. Whats with the childish servedr admins insta kicking for such a simple TK. I was a regular on that server. I played there because it was hardcore with high ticket count and with a good map rotation…and most importantly, it is one of very few servers that has a slowed down vehicle respawn rate. I hate the instant vehicle spawn that dominates most BF3 servers, so this server was a gem in my mind for that reason alone.

I guess I should have expected this, because they also have a rule to instant ban if you use profanity in the chat channel. Even “WTF” counted as a swear and was instant banned. I knew I was playing with a bunch of hypocrites for that one since the in game soilders are always swearing during game play.

It would be nice if server admin had to pass some sort of IQ test before being given such privelages.

Whatever…end rant.

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