BF3 Games Tips

BF3 Mouse sensetivity

Does your mouse sensitivity have any effect on sniping? YES!

As the picture here shows, your group size depends highly on how sensitive your mouse is.

Taken from about 950 meters away, all group were four shots with the smallest mouse movement possible in four direction of initial point of aim. The fourth line of bullets was me shooting about 12 times as I moved the cross hairs from left to right.

  1. Max sensitivity
  2. Half sensitivity
  3. Min sensitivity
  4. Min, shooting a string from right to left.

BF3 Games Photography Preperation

Photo Fun for BF3

I was having a little too much fun tonight. I was setting up a prop for my next series of videos. Heres a still photo of what the end product will look like in motion film.

BF3 Games Preperation

Audio Capture Testing.

I was testing the software capture of sound so that I could show in my videos, what my squaddies and I are talking about. This will really help demonstrate the team effort we put in while playing BF3. It  just so happened that I had a few moments of great sniping and I thought I’d post them: