Fire Arms Reloading Shooting Videos

Super Chrono Demo

I made a demo video on behalf of goBallistic

I plan to follow up with a proper user review in the near future.

Aiming for Accuracy Fire Arms Shooting Videos

Aiming for Accuracy part 8

Indoor Range Fun: I was whisked away at a moments notice to go have some fun shooting various restricted firearms. This was my first time ever shooting a handgun, and it was a ton of fun even though my performance was below expectations. I also had the joy of shooting a Barret Model 99 which was chambered in .50 BMG, which is about as big as they get when it comes to individual carry firearms. Larger than this and you are really into the anti-tank and artillery realm.

I must say, even though its expensive to shoot, I would highly recommend everyone try a .50BMG rifle at least once to get a feel for the raw power of such a large cartridge.


Aiming for Accuracy Fire Arms Videos

Aiming for Accuracy Part 7

Leaving My Comfort Zone : This video is about trying things that I don’t usually do, like shooting off-hand while having a camera attached to the scope. Not very easy to say the least.

This is actually the most difficult shot I have tried to make so far. This reminds me of what started this whole video production series on long range shooting, and that was simulating a 400 meter head-shot. Now I have tried it shooting off hand. Common thread with most of these videos starts with a fail, followed by research and training, and then a redo where I show how easy the shot really is once you know what your doing. That said, I’m not sure if I will be able to master this shot.

First problem is that my rifle is built for long range shooting from a bipod or a rest. The heavy contour 30″ barrel is very front heavy which makes the rifle tiring to hold for any length of time. Biathlon rifles are balanced better and much lighter to make shooting off-hand more comfortable. But I had a lot of fun trying this, and it makes me want to get into Biathlon style shooting in the future.