Fire Arms Reloading

Another great day of load testing

I went to the range early this morning to take advantage of some great weather. There was virtually no wind when I started and it picked up to a slight breeze of maybe 1-2mph by the end of the shoot.

This time I was shooting 155 Lapua Scenar’s to see how seating depth would affect them, I am loving the result. The barrel twist and reamer were chosen for this round and now I can see the great results of those choices…amazing groups. I was following the same setup as I did with the 175smk just a few days ago:

  1. 2.055″ = 15 thou jump
  2. 2.060″ = 10 thou jump
  3. 2.065″ = 5 thou jump
  4. 2.070″ = touching the lands
  5. 2.075″ = 5 thou jam
  6. 2.055″ = 15 thou jump

I was shooting 5 shot groups at 100 meters this time and the groups were quite good except for number three. I pulled that one out of the group so it should have been better.

  1. 0.716″ = 0.622MOA
  2. 0.662″ = 0.574MOA
  3. 0.523″= 0.454MOA  (4 shots into 0.199″ = 0.173MOA)
  4. 0.822″ = 0.714MOA (I don’t know what happened here)
  5. 0.407″ = 0.353MOA
  6. 0.664″ = 0.576MOA

Fire Arms Reloading

Seating depth triumph

I went to the range today looking to put the seating depth mystery up to its first test. I was using my 175Gr SMK load and placed the bullet 0.005″ closer to the lands for each five shot group which looked something like this:

  1. 2.075″
  2. 2.080″
  3. 2.085″
  4. 2.090″
  5. 2.095″
  6. 2.075″

The final test would have the bullet jammed into the lands 0.005″, thus I had to be cautious and watch closely for signs of high pressure as I shot each group. The bolt became stiff to lift on the last two groups, but no other signs of high pressure were noted.

Starting from the top left, group 1 and 6 were my control groups using the original 2.075″ measurement. Groups 2 thru 5 were the test subjects. I am very pleased to see that the groups tightened up as I moved the bullets forward.

Groups measured at:

  1. 0.887″
  2. 0.505″
  3. 0.752″ I pulled that one flyer so it should have been closer to 0.368″
  4. 0.488″
  5. 0.611″
  6. 0.620″

Group 3 and 4 are the best by far. I now know that these bullets are going to like sitting very close to the lands. Somewhere between 0 and 5 thou jump will be the optimal position. I plan to confirm this with another test shoot.

Fire Arms Reloading Road to Precision Videos

Road to Precision Part XIX

Latest video is now up. In this episode I take a look at brass preparations for my new barrel. This includes cleaning,  full length sizing, and case trimming. Next I take a look at how to measure the distance to the lands of the rifling so that I can adjust the bullet seating depth in the future.