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Wedding Photos uploaded

After some editing, I have posted 50 shots from my Brothers wedding into the Photography list of Pages above.

20 Canmore Couple

Kevin and Jen, I hope you like what I captured on your legendary day!

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Early Morning 737

Working the morning shift can have its little perks, this was my view the other day as the sun was coming up…Early Morning 737

Fire Arms Photography

New Camera Mount

In preparation for my new season of “The Road To Precision” I purchased a new mount for a camera. Now I can easily have a camera looking through the scope with a nice stable image. Actual Photo resolution of the crosshair is pictured in the upper right corner.

I can’t wait to see what kind of video it will capture. Pretty sure it will not stand up to repeated recoil from the .308, but I intend to use it plenty on the .22LR for short range shots. Maybe with some re-enforcement I can make it take the hits from the .308 for better angles during my F-class competitions.

About $40 at Review to come in the future.