Aiming for Accuracy part 4

More talk about trigger control…are you serious? YES! because so many comments still call me out for poor trigger control, I decided to create another video explaining why trigger control from a cameras perspective…doesn’t matter at all.



Links to other slow motion videos, pay close attention to the amount of recoil movement before and after the bullet exits the muzzle:

Barret and other rifles

Slow motion AK under water

AK underwater part 2

Slow motion .50 cal

Various rifles in slow mo

Bullet leaves the barrel

Barret .50 BMG, 6 shots in 1 second!

Several pistols

Bullets hitting walls at 1 million fps


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Hydraulic Lifters

Wow, these are some pretty sad looking lifters:

Lifters 2 and 4


Funny thing is, these were included in an engine that was just fully disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and signed out from an Engine Overhaul Facility. We found metal in the filter and went looking for answers…I have never seen such an obvious problem after only about 10 hours of run time. Shame on the person who signed these off as serviceable.


Long time no see

For those of you who visit my website, sorry for no activity over the summer. Same goes for my Youtube channel. I have been very busy at work and lacking the energy and enthusiasm to create new content for the interent. There have been some recent changes at work however, and I am hoping that this will free up some more time so that I can get back to blogging and video editing this fall and winter. Only time will tell if the changes are for the better, and if I get the extra free time I am hoping for.