BF3 Computer Games Preperation upgrades

BF3 is right around the corner

I’ve been watching almost every video on the net, and the game just looks better and better. Drool. I’ve also been keeping up with the battle log posts to see what the developers are saying. There is very little to complain about at the moment. So far it seems like DICE is creating a C.ofin O.f D.eath for the realm of modern warfare, 3 strikes and your out!

The wait is starting to get unbearable. The BF3 Beta should be released any day now and I can’t wait to get started. For those who follow my videos, I plan to record from minute 1. Hopefully my computer upgrades make for a very smooth frame rate while recording video. If not, over-clocking is now an easy option.

I have been monitoring my core temperatures for a last few days and its running cold. Idle is at around 22C and the highest peak I have seen so far is 34C.

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