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Final setup for BF3

With BF3 just around the corner I have cleaned up my machine in preparation for the glorious event. I formatted the drives the other day so that I have a fresh and totally clean computer with nothing but the essentials loaded. Windows 7 only took about 30 minutes to install, but several hours to update. I also installed a new back-up drive because Memory Express had them on sale. So I now have a Hitachi 2TB Deskstar 7K3000 SATA III w/ 64MB Cache as my storage drive. That should be plenty of room for the video capturing I plan to do when BF3 is released.

The pre-load is downloading as I write this, and I’ve heard that there is already a 400 meg update once that completes. I can’t wait. I have done all the over-clocking I plan to do in the near future. Current over clocking stats for the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T are:

FSB = 225
X 16.5
coreV = AUTO = 1.344v
VID = 1.3000v
NB Freq. = 2250.2MHz
idle = 26c
average (fan lo) = 49c
max = 52c

This has been stable for several days now, although I am not pushing the CPU with Prime95 anymore. I did some tweaking to my video card as well.

Current stats for the Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E are:

GPU clock = 920 Mhz

Memory Clock = 1320 Mhz

We will see how well the game runs and records with this setup. Hopefully I can get a new video card by Christmas so I can up the graphics a bit.

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Are you planning on getting another 5770 and put them in crossfire or just brand new card.

My MB does not support crossfire. New crossfire MB + a second 5770 is more expensive than a new single card. Looking at a GTX 570 or 6970

My bad I thought it did support crossfire. And yeah I might be advertising SLI and crossfire a little bit since I just got my second gts450 (overclocked to 900mhz) and that was probably cheapest 30fps i ever bought. Now running bf3 with 16:10 resoltution, ultra settings and 4xmsaa >60fps all the time.

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