Computer over clocking

Understanding Overclocking?

I think I have been adjusting the wrong specs in the BIOS. I was having problems with stability, so I turned the CPU overvoltage option back to AUTO, now its running smooth again.

All of the guides tell you to adjust certain things, but the BIOS does not have any options labeled as such. Its kind of a crap shoot.

Latest test results below :

Test 8 @ 3.63Ghz stable 1 hour.

FSB = 220
X 16.5
coreV = 1.312v
VID = 1.3000v
idle = 23c
average (fan lo) = 33c
max = 49c

Test 9 @ 3.71Ghz crash after 3 minutes use.

FSB = 225
X 16.5
coreV = 1.3625v
VID = 1.3000v
NB Freq. = 2250.2MHz
idle = ?c
average (fan lo) = ?c
max = ?c

Test 10 @ 3.71Ghz 1 hour stable

FSB = 225
X 16.5
coreV = AUTO = 1.344v
VID = 1.3000v
NB Freq. = 2250.2MHz
idle = 26c
average (fan lo) = 49c
max = 52c

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