Fitness Swimming Training

1000m X2

Well stacking on the distance doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. The pool was almost empty, so I figured it was a good day to try something drastic. I wanted to see if I was capable of doing the Half Ironman swim distance inside my allotted time. Actual distance needed is 1.9km so I went for two 1000 meters sets with a short break in between. End time was 41:42 and I am pumped about this accomplishment. Looking back 4 months ago, there was no way I could imagine doing this distance.

Best part of today’s swim was near the end. A guy jumped in my lane and started going when I was at the opposite end. After 4 lengths I had caught up with him and on length 5 I passed him. WHAT…ME? Yeah that’s right I passed someone in the pool. That guy was fresh and I had about 1700 meters already complete when I passed him….HOOOAH!