Loving the Green Machine

This is going to be a great year for training. I managed to pick up a Kurt Kinetic Road machine for cycle training during the cold winter months. So far I have logged over 1200 km’s on it and am really feeling the results. My weight is coming down and I have my six pack back. I started the year at 174 and am now sitting at 167 pounds of lean racing machine.

My base training consisted of 868 km on the bike trainer and 149.4km of running. I am currently into weak 4 of my 12 weak taper plan which builds into race day.

This years “A” race is a Duathalon = 5.8 km run / 37.7 km road bike / 9.7 km run.

One of my early goals is to best my 5km time during a training run. I know that my level of fitness at last years race was pretty low, so I don’t think it should be that difficult to beat my best 5km time from 2011 during a training session in 2012. At the moment I am running at a 5:13 pace, so I still have a ways to go, but 4:44 is not that far away. As the weather warms up, I am sure I will find more kick in my feet and less wind resistance as I shed the heavier clothing.

This will also be the year of 10km races. So far my brother and I have entered 2 races, one in late April and one in late may. The Duathalon is early June, and once those 3 are done, I plan to take the rest of the summer easy. We have one more race planned at the end of the season which I am hoping to make a half marathon.


Update : 22 April 2012

Race #1 results

Looking fresh right before the 10k race

Of course I know that my results are better. Here are the recalculated times based on the real distance of 10.56km :


  • posted 48:22 = 4:51
  • 10.56 actual pace 4:34
  • 10k adjusted time 45:49

4:09 lead over Ryan

  • posted 52:31 = 5:16
  • 10.56 actual pace 4:58
  • 10k adjusted time 49:49

0:26 lead over Cam

  • posted 52:57 = 5:18
  • 10.56 actual pace 5:00
  • 10k adjusted time 50:00

UPDATE : 28 May 2012

I was not racing in the same age group as my brothers so I will post the two images.

As you can see here I made a nice 2:17 improvement over my last race. I would say this is due to  a few factors. No injury to worry about, cooler temperature, and pushing harder. I was trying to keep one brother in view while leaving the other in the dust and I did that pretty well. Here’s where they placed :

The Duathalon will be very interesting indeed, I predict a very close finish between the three of us:

  • Kevin will win the stage 1 run with ease, but his lack of biking will hold him up in stage 2. The real question is how slow he actually will be on a bike? And can he make up the difference by the end of the stage 3 run?
  • Cam is the slowest runner, but by far the fastest on the bike. He will make up good time and pass us both in stage 2, thus it will be a chase to catch him by the end of the stage 3 run.
  • I am the middle man in terms of biking and running speed. My training has revolved around being good at both, exception at neither. I hope to keep Kevin close in stage 1, so that I can pass him early in stage 2. I will need to gain good time on him for the final run. At the same time I will be trying my hardest to fend off Cam on the bike for as long as possible. Once he does pass me I will be looking to keep him in sight. It all comes down to stage 3. I need to start the final run within a couple minutes of Cam if I want to catch him by the end. I also need to create a large enough gap on Kevin so that he cannot close the distance in time.

My training has been more focused on increasing times and distances to try and ready my body for a 3 hour event. I am hoping that this pays off on race day.


UPDATE : 10 June 2012

Duathlon is complete and I am very happy with my results. My plan as stated above worked very well in my favour. I held Kevin in sight and was only 30 seconds behind for transition 1. I actually managed to hold off Cam completely for the bike and was in first place at transition 2. This made it my race to lose during the final run. I tried my best to stay focused and hold a good time.

Final time of 2:35:00 exceeded my expectations by a whole 10 minutes. Considering the cold weather, I think I am very lucky to have pulled off this time. I can only imagine how much faster I would have been if :

    1. There was no wind from the north
    2. The temperature was higher than 6 degrees
    3.  There was no rain

This was by far the coldest 2.5 hours of my life. I have never felt that cold before. My hands and forearms were numb. My fingers did not work. And I felt like I had two wooden peg legs. Hypothermia was a real danger. Going slow would mean you don’t generate enough heat to warm your body. However; going faster meant you would increase the wind speed and how much it cooled you down. Finishing faster to reduce the amount of suffering was the only option.

How cold was it? Well I think this next image tells the tale. 

That is ice on my butt, right below the Canada Flag. I was moving fast enough on the bike to create a pressure and temperature drop around my body. I guess under the seat and around my butt reached the freezing point. I didn’t notice this until we were looking at the pictures later that day. At first I thought it was salty sweat stains. But then again I have never had stains on my bib shorts before, even on really hot days. Plus there are no marks on my shorts at the finish line, because they had melted off by then.

This is one race that I would really like to do again, in warmer weather!!!



UPDATE : 10 September 2012

Wow this one hurt, my legs ache as I write this, I am not sure how I will cope with work over the next few days as my body tries to recover. A half marathon is not something to joke about. 21.1 km of running takes some serious mental and physical determination. With a finish time 1:57:00, I beat my 2 hour goal, but missed my 1:45 target time. I would really liked to have done better but I must say that my body was suffering. My left knee outer ligament took a beating that will need much time to recover. I have no plan of running for some time to allow proper healing.

I was feeling good up to the 15km point and still passing people. But that trend would change just around the corner when the pain in my knee started to amplify. The last 3 km of this race were punishing and I really had to focus through the pain. I did however manage to finish strong by forcing my way through the final 1000 meters and sprinting over the finish line. Nothing feels better than hauling your ass across the line as if your in a 100 meter dash!


UPDATE : 30 October 2012

Well the racing season has come to an end now and I am looking at my plans for the next year. I may enter one more short running race yet, but all focus is now on the 2013 season. The plan is to get into triathlons and thus I need to start swim training. I have purchased a 6 month pass to a pool to get me started and have commenced splash training. Right now it seems like a long river in front of me. I feel like I am constantly one breath away from drowning. There is a large mental change that needs to happen so that I can relax in the pool. However with only 4 training days into this new routine I can already see some progress.

End of Year Totals:

  • Swim ~ 22 km
  • Bike Road ~ 2040 km
  • Bike Trainer ~ 1136 km
  • Run ~ 458 km

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