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2012 Training begins

With the new year sounding off, its time to look at the goals for 2012 training.

I went out and ran 5km today to see where I am at. 28:48 was the time I set today and I managed to run the whole distance without stopping. This makes me feel quite good about where I am sitting right now. When I look back at my training stats from last year, I am running faster now than I was during week 12. Not only that, but the best time posted last year before my first race was 28:25, which means I am just a little slower than I was at week 15 last year. This makes me feel good about setting some great times this year. Hopefully I can put some pressure on my brother who still holds the family 5km record of 22:02. My personal best is 23:39, so I am catching up quick.