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Bike indoor training?

I have been really wanting to  continue my training through the winter months. This has prompted me to look into a bicycle trainer.

The Kurt Kinetic seems to be the best made unit on the market. After looking at a display model, I am quite convinced it will last a long time. However they are not cheap. Mabey this will be a Christmas present…


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I’ve had my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine since 2001 and it has never leaked. I put an average of 1200 miles per winter on it and it’s always been reliable, relatively quiet, and has a better feel than any non-fluid trainer. The Road Machine Pro has an even heavier flywheel so offers an even better feel, I’d say. The best thing you could do is read the reviews on other sites. Try a couple out at a local bike shop and then buy the best. After all my initial reviews and ongoing knowledge of bike trainers, Kurt was and still is the best.

I am very happy with the trainer. Most impressively, it is much quieter than my previous mag trainer. I can easily listen to music while riding without the music being so loud it bothers the rest of the family. I ride about 30 minutes a day on it …. it is a great part of a cardiac risk factor prevention program.

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