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Endurance lesson of the day

My wife has the kids over at the in-laws yesterday, so I figured it was a great afternoon for training:

Started with a 11km run, which was awesome. Not sure of my actual time but it was less than an hour. I managed to pass a couple of other joggers on the pathways, that always makes you feel good.

Then I decided to hop on the bike. 40km was the goal and that took some effort. Like last time, around 30km it becomes more difficult as fuel reserves really start to dry up. I was trying my new honey based energy drink to see how it would work. But I made a fatal decision. I knew I wanted to try another run transition after the bike, so in preperation I downed a bunch of fluids at 35k. I figured 5k would be enough time to settle before I ran again.

Well I made it about 1 km down the path and thats when I really started feeling like crap. I had to stop and walk. I tried to run again several times, and always the crappy feeling would quickly return. I turned around and ended the run at about 2.4km.

The big lesson of the day is fluid management. On the bike you can drink up all you want, no bouncing aggitation means it can just sit in your stomach. But once you start running again it can really throw a wrench in the works. I’m going to need to experiment and find out what the best time to cut off fluids is before you start the run. I’m thinking its better to be dehydrated when you fall off the bike, and re-hydrate as you start to run. Because yesterday the opposite proved fatal to my overall workout and cut it short.

Total training time : 2h35m