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Falling off the bus

Had a lull in the training due to work getting in the way plus lost sleep over life issues. I’m happy to say that although I lost focus and fell off the bus for about 10 days, I am back on track.

I went for a 45k ride with my brother on Monday night that totally kicked my butt. Then I rode to work on Tuesday for another 34k, and I just finished a 10k run in about 50 minutes. I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. In just a little over a week we will enter our next 10k race and I am really looking forward to pushing harder and breaking My best 10k time. The race is quite early in the morning so it should be cooler. I think a fair goal will be to hold a 4:44 / km pace during the race. This would tie my best ever pace which was set at last years final 5k race.