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Fantastic Swim

I am really starting to like my early morning swims. They give me a really good goal to drive for, and I am learning new things. I can feel that I am starting to get over that childhood fear of drowning. My comfort level in the water is improving faster than I expected.

Today I decided to give up some distance in the name of new turn around techniques. I started with the open? turn style which is really just touching the wall, compressing into it, letting your feet pass under your body, planting them on the wall, and pushing back with your opposite hand leading. This allows your head to be in a comfortable and above water type position.

I’m nowhere near efficient, but after a few laps of this I felt it was time to try the ultimate…flip-turn. I watched several videos last night on the basics of this maneuver. Going back to my fear of drowning, this appeared to be a death defying move and I was really apprehensive to try it.

However; I followed the guidelines I had seen in the videos, and to my amazement, this move was way easier than I thought. My worries of disorientation in the water quickly vanished and I tried a couple flips in the middle of the pool and realized that my body quite naturally wants to flip over like this.

Moving to the wall, it becomes a simple matter of finding the correct distance to start the flip so that you can plant your feet for a good push off. Once again I am nowhere near efficient at this move, but after several tries I implemented them into my laps and was having a good time.

Of course, my lack of proficiency quickly came back to bite me. A flip-turn in the shallow end turned bad when I pushed off too early and sent myself hurtling down towards the bottom of the pool. I broke off a good chunk of fingernail and skinned my left shoulder blade. With that I stopped flip-turns for the day and went back to the much easier open turns. I still managed to complete 800 meters even with all this fooling around. 

I can now see why flip-turns are such a good addition to swimming laps…they are FUN!