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Final ride to work?

Well the ride to work this morning was very uncomfortable. It cold (3 Celcius) and dark (at work before sunrise). My fingers, ears, and toes were numb by about the half way mark. As the temperature drops, I will be more susceptible to frost bite. I’m not sure that its worth getting winter biking gear, because the lack of light makes my ride more and more dangerous by the day. Riding the hi-way in near darkness is a little stressful. My bike lights do not put out enough wattage to really light the way. The blinking red tail light probably turns me into more of a target than anything.

I think its time to start the indoor training. I’ve been looking at bike trainers for a few weeks now. The two I like :

  • Cycle Ops Magneto Drive Pro
  • Kurt Kinetic

Both carry a big price tag, but I hope this will be a one time purchase that I never have to upgrade.

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