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First Brick of the year

I went for a short test run followed by a bike ride this morning. The Garmin 910XT is performing better than I expected, the only two things to complain about so far are the not quite user friendly setup that is required to make it communicate with my Windows 7 machine. But now that I have all the little bugs worked out, it has been working well. The other is the GPS positioning setup time. I need to make sure to turn it on a little bit sooner. Right before you run is not a good time to be waiting for it to pin down your location. I’d say it took a good 60 seconds to figure out where it was this morning, which is about twice as long as most people report in all the reviews.

The run was 5.9km on my favorite training hill to find out what the elevation gain was. Turns out its about 45 meters of vertical over an 800 meter stretch. Total time was 32 minutes which is not to shabby for the first run of 2013.

I then jumped on my bike for a short 14km training ride with the 910 as my stop watch. I think It was picking up a rogue signal from my speedometer because it said I rode for about 850 meters in that 30 minutes. Its quite hilarious to look at the map it gave for that ride, a big scribbly patch. I guess maybe it was getting poor satellite reception and couldn’t figure out that I was not moving anymore. Either way my first brick has been placed, and 2013 is looking to be a good training year.

Now I need to go load up the car because I have an itchy trigger finger!