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After spending a bunch of time over the weekend going through the trouble shooting guide Garmin provides on the customer support page, I am now in an even worse spot. Now I can’t get any connection between the GPS and my computer. At least before my 910XT was communicating with the computer and hanging, now I just get straight error messages. I even went so far as to try connecting with a separate computer running a different OS, no luck.

The watch still works perfectly fine, I went for a quick 5 km run this morning and everything is great from that end. But the watch will not transfer information any more, which makes the stats tracking part of the webpage totally useless.

I fear I am going to have to pay a huge repair bill, or buy a completely new watch just to get the webpage privileges back. Which really annoys me because this all started when I updated the firmware. Kind of kicking myself for that now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.