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Great day for a Race

Wow you couldn’t ask for better weather to run a half marathon today. We just finished 3-4 days of steady rain, and the forecast says that it is going to pour rain again for 3-4 days this week. So the race managed to sit right in the middle. I was a little worried at fist about temperatures and how much to wear, the forecast said it was only going to be between 7 and 12 degrees C during the race. I decided to chance it and run cold, so I stripped off my top layer.

The first 3km were pretty cold, but my body soon warmed up and I was good for the rest of the race. I didn’t really break a sweat until about 19 km into the race. I decided this time to really try and hold a steady pace for the whole thing. I felt early on like I was going too slow and wanted to pick up the pace, but I fought the urge and stayed at a nice 4:50ish pace. I knew I wanted to best 1:45:00 this time and that would take some discipline.

The 1:45 pace bunny was in my sights for the first half of the race. During a decent I managed to pass him and stay in front. Once I hit 17km I knew it was really game time. My previous half marathon was good until this point and then I just fell apart. I happy to say that I was able to go non-stop and even increase pace in the last 1.5km. Here’s the timing from the official web-page:

Name PAHL, Ryan
Event Half Marathon
Division M3034
Gun time 01:44:24
Chip time 01:43:26
10KM split00:49:10
Event Placement 370 of 3057
Sex Placement 277 of 1280
Division Placement 51 of 218

I am really happy with my results. My knees are pretty sore as I sit here and type, but otherwise I feel quite amazing right now. It was a good day. A look at my Garmin stats:

21.1 Garmin