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Happy Birthday to me present

My bike is a cycle cross design, but 99% of the time I am on the road. So I decided it was time for a speed upgrade. The old chain ring combo was a 36/46T which had me topping out on the flat at about 40 kph. If I had a hill and some wind I would reach my absolute peak of about 50 kph. This was a downer when my brother would race on ahead of me with his road bike which has the proper 53/39T setup.

To keep this project as cheap as possible I just wanted to swap out the large Chain ring from a 46 to a 50. But after installing It, I found out that there is a gap on the new gear which caused a derail when downshifting. The only solution was to buy the two new gears as a match set. I don’t think its worth my time to invest any more money into this bike. I would rather save up for a new Cervelo S5.