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Just a little run

Went for a 6k run last night. Even though its been 2 weeks since my last run, I felt pretty good and I don’t need to stop for a break anymore. So I am now starting to train for longer sprints at the end. Last night I doubled my normal sprint distance, which was too much. I ran out of steam about 100 feet from my front door. This tells me that I have set the distance correct and I just need to train more to make this target distance work.

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A couple of extra tools, very minimal. Most of it was in the Word Press theme.

An effective training plan focuses on both skill and energy. Skill comes from proper form and efficiency training. Energy development comes from balancing out speed, strength, stamina, and threshold workouts.

Here are some good stamina, threshold, strength, and speed workouts. Readers who do not know their specific training paces, this tool will help you.

Personalized Workout Calculator >>>>

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