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Long distance swimmer?

Well I went for the gusto today, and made the mark with relative ease. I decided it was time to try 10 repeat laps non-stop which makes for 500 meters. Considering how pathetic I felt only a month ago, I think this is a pretty significant milestone in my swim training. Especially considering this was my target distance to reach by the end of December. So I would have to say I am a month ahead of schedule.

There are 2 main points that helped me reach this point. First is comfort in the water. Every day I get better at just floating along and skimming the surface for air. I’m not taking massive gulps of air and holding my breath any more. I would say my breathing now is much more like a regular cycle of in-out-repeat. Second point is efficiency. As I get more comfortable in the water I can spend more time focusing on what my body is actually doing, and try to stream line it. It becomes very obvious when I hit the stroke right because the bottom of the pool starts to fly by. My effort stays about the same, but the distance travelled for said effort increases.

I am one happy camper this morning.