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Near Death

I went for a 100km ride the other day, but didn’t realize how close to my last it could have been. Coming up the highway on the return to home, I was on the shoulder right where I always am. This shoulder was about 6 feet wide, and I was about 1 to 2 feet from the ditch side.

All of a sudden I feel wind off a car like I have never felt before. It actually pushed me to the side a bit. The rear view mirror could not have been more than a couple inches from hitting me. Scared the heck out of me. I then watched as the driver continued towards the ditch. They yanked the car back into their lane just in time to miss the ditch.

I am not sure if they were drunk, asleep, or texting. But I am pretty sure they had no idea I was even there. If I had been just 50 feet further ahead, or riding in the middle of the shoulder, I would have been destroyed. Makes me think twice about early morning rides on major roads.