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New endurance record

Went out for the longest work out of my life thus far, 3 hours total. I am slowly increasing the distances I run and bike as I try to prepare my body for the long range goal of entering a half Iron-man race.

Today’s punishment started with a 15.81km run. I cramped up slightly from about the 1 to 2 km point. But after that it was clear sailing. I found the groove and went with it. Total time was about 90 minutes. I didn’t use a stop watch so it was somewhere between 89 and 90 minutes. This gave me a pace of 5:42/km which is a big improvement from last weeks run. This is probably due to the fact that there was very little wind, just a light breeze.

Once I finished that, I jumped on the bike trainer for another 90 minutes, which gave me about 41km total distance. This was a slow pace of around 28kph, but I was feeling pretty low on energy at this point.

I also decided to try some hammer gels for the first time. Each gel packet has about 120 calories of easy to digest sugar stuff. Take some water at the same time. I would say they helped. I could feel my energy levels increase after taking them, and then slowly dip back down to a low point. I probably need to take more of them during the workout to keep energy levels stable.

Flavour was the big problem. I started with banana…YUCK! Why did I even bother with that. Next was apple cinnamon, which wasn’t bad. But the vanilla flavour was definitely the easiest to swallow.

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I’m surprised you haven’t gotten to making your own energy gel. I know some people that construct their own using maltodextrin and honey. Adding a vanilla flavour would be easy.

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