Cycling Fitness

Record breaking…flat.

I decided to push hard on my morning ride to work today. I was attaching all the hills and keeping my speed above 20kph. Normally I make it to the last bridge in about 30 minutes, but today I crossed at 26 minutes. I was well on my way to smashing my record time.

With 2km to go I rounded the last corner and heard a tic tic tic sssssssssss. The pedals get mushy and I look down to see my rear tire is flat.


A carpentry staple is sitting there looking back at me. Not long enough to do damage to any car tire, but just long enough to puncture my bike tire. 15 minutes later I am back on the road and disappointed that my record setting ride has been taken away thanks to someones loose parts falling off the back of their truck.

But there is good news, once I made it to work I decided it was a good time to test out the new super patches I had bought. So far I am impressed with how easy they are to apply and the quick setup time. Now its time to see how long the patch will last.