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Running Barefoot?

I have been reading about how great barefoot running is. Less prone to injury, we are designed this way, shoes are bad because you run on your heals. Well I decided to give it a go yesterday and see what all the hype is about.

Too cold outside so I was attempting this on the treadmill. The first KM was okay, but by the time I hit 3 km my feet were stinging. So I put the socks and shoes back on to complete my workout. Well it turns out that running barefoot is something you need to take on very slowly. I now have very sore feet with several blisters on the bottom that are going to hinder training for the bext few days.

I think what all these documentaries fail to tell, is that our feet are meant to run on sand, dirt, or grass. They are NOT built for running on synthetic man-made surfaces which act like sand paper on your feet. I am not going to try this again any time soon. Maybe once this years races are behind me I will try to taper into it a little slower.