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Second 10k race

Finished the second race of the season. Another 10k, although this one was much larger and drew over 10,000 runners for all the different races that day. Nearly 2600 people ran the 10k at the same time. I must say I felt like a cow to the slaughter as I lined up for the start gate.

Start was good and the line thinned out pretty quick, within the first half kilometer I had a nice groove and plenty of room to breathe. I was trying to keep my older brother in view for the entire race this time, and I managed to hold sight of him until about the 8km mark. This allowed me to make a significant increase in pace and smash my personal best time.

With it all said and done I am pretty happy with the results. 25th in my age group and 152 overall puts me in the top 6% of the 10k racers that day. I was really hoping that I would best my 4:44 pace from last year during this race, but alas it was not meant to be. The next big race planned for this season is only 2 weeks away. Not enough time for any real changes to training, so I will try to hold on to what I have.