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Splashy Garmin in the pool

Well I took my new watch for a swim this morning. I love the fact that there are no lies anymore, because I am doing better than I thought.

  • Time = 43:18
  • Distance = 1650m
  • Average pace = 2:11/100m

Of course there was a bunch of resting and fooling around in there, that is NOT a non-stop swim. But I thought I was only doing about 1200 meters in my morning swims so I am happy to see I am doing 400 meters more than I thought.

The screen is big enough that with a slight modification to your stoke, you can read the information nicely underwater while you go. Although its massive on your wrist for a watch, I didn’t really notice it dragging or making my left arm feel clunky at all. More bubbles for sure, but that’s it.