Fitness Training

Swim Training Begins

Well I finally made the decision to take this fitness thing to the true multi-sport level. My older brother is pretty convinced that we should start entering triathlons. Thus I really need to get my swim game going because it is by far my weakest point.

I bought a six month membership to a pool this weekend and hit it up this morning at 6:00 for the first time.

What an eye opener. The only people there are all hardcore athletes and I probably looked like a real fool. But humility is part of getting better and I don’t care how bad I look right now. The main thing is to get better and that is going to take time.

I think I managed to swim about 800 meters, I wasn’t really counting. But I was really out of breath for most of that. Breathing seems to be my biggest hang up. getting the timing just right so that I don’t inhale a huge amount of water is the first real hurdle to overcome. 2 km nonstop will be the goal to achieve, hopefully 6 months is enough time to accomplish that.