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Swimming achievement

I made a new distance record this morning at the pool; 1000 meters total. There was still a ton of stopping during that distance, but the key factor is that I am improving. Better technique means faster lap times, faster lap times means more laps are possible in the set amount of time I have. Thus, the further I can go the better I am doing.

However, I am really looking at improving my non-stop distance. So far 100 meters is about the most I can do before my technique falls apart and I am left gasping for air. But 100 meters is more than I was capable of 2 weeks ago, so I am not complaining in the least.

The other milestone of today was the lack of backstroke. I try my best to never touch the bottom of the pool for any reason except at the end of a set. This is my way of simulating open water with no bottom. Thus when I loose focus and my stroke falls apart, I flip onto my back and do some backstroke for a while until I collect my focus and some air. Once I have it together I flip back over and continue.

Today I only flipped over twice in the entire 1000 meters. A huge improvement from Monday when I was on my back every 35 meters or so.